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10Q/10QM MEC

Large 22mm square caps

10Q/10QM series are 22mm square caps with a low total height of 11mm with optional metal plate for a legend.

1B/1C + 2C/2D MEC

Rocker-function pushbutton cap solution

1B/1C caps with 2C/2D bezel are a rocker-function pushbutton solution. The cap is adjusted into the bezel and bezel is snapped on to the switch. It provides many options in colours as well as illumination.

Unimec 16700 MEC

Square pushbutton cap

Cap 16700 is a square cap designed for pushbutton switch series Unimec. It is 14,9mm x 14,9mm.

Varimec caps MEC

Variable height square caps

Varimec caps provide a wide variety of options in colour, shape, size and height.

Foilmec/ 1YS cap MEC

illuminated square cap for foil overlay

1YS is a cap especially designed for foil overlay. It can be fully illuminated and has a SMD option with the Multimec 5E switch.

1KS/1KBS/1KCS caps MEC

Square caps with extra tactile feel

1KS/1KBS/1KCS are square caps with excellent illumination possibility. 1KS has a flat top, 1KBS a concave top and 1KCS a convex top.

1TS cap MEC

Square cap with a rounded top

1TS is a soft line cap with great illumination possibility. The cap has a rounded top that provides good tactile feel to the operator.

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