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Ø11.5mm concave cap for Ultramec 6C

The 10G cap was designed with low profile 6C switch in mind. It has the lowest total height in MEC product range.

10R/10RF/10RM MEC

Large round caps with optional metal legend

10R/10RF/10RM series are 30mm round caps with a low total height of 11mm. 10R has a slightly rounded top, 10RF has a flat top and 10RM has a flat top with a metal plate that leaves a 1mm rim.

1SS/1LS/1IS caps MEC

Small round cap

1SS/1LS/1IS cap series provides flexibility in colour as well as in height. Illumination can either be full (1IS) or dot (1LS). The illuminated caps are mounted on Multimec 5G switch, solid colour caps can be mounted on both 5 series switches.

1JS cap MEC

Low round cap for foil overlay

1JS cap series is just 10.4 mm high with the Multimec 5G switch making it the lowest illuminated cap in MEC product range. the 1JS is Ø9,6mm. The cap is excellent for foil overlay. It was designed with soft edges in order to extend the lifetime of the foil.

1DS/1ES/1FS caps MEC

Ø9.6 mm round cap

1DS/1ES/1FS cap series consists of round caps with Ø9,6 mm and overall height with the 5G switch is 14,9mm. 1DS can be provided in solid as well as transparent colour for illumination. 1ES is a cap in solid colour with a small round lens and 1FS is also a cap in solid colour but has a large round lens on the top.

1ZCS cap MEC

Ø14,3mm cap with a rounded top

1ZCS cap provides excellent feeling with its rounded top. The cap series can be used as a stand-alone product or with the 1ZB cap for Navimec solution. 1ZCS cap is Ø14,3mm and the overall height with 5G switch is 11,7mm.

aquamec MEC

Round waterproof cap

Aquamec is a switch solution that has IP67 from the front panel. Cap is supplied either in black or transparent colour. The series is based on the Multimec 3F series and can provide excellent illumination with the transparent cap.

varimec MEC

Round variable height caps

Varimec offers an utmost flexibility within cap size, colour height and shape.

1GAS/1GCS caps MEC

Flat round caps for foil overlay

1GAS/1GCS caps are flat round caps designed for foil overlay. 1GAS is Ø11mm and 1GCS is Ø15mm.

1US cap MEC

Round cap with a rounded top

1US is a soft line cap with great illumination possibility. The cap has a rounded top that provides good tactile feel to the operator.

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