Rectangular caps

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1XS cap MEC

Rectangular cap with rounded edges

1XS series provides options in illuminated and non-illuminated rectangular caps. Cap is 9,4mmx7,4mm and has rounded edges.

1PS/1QS/1RS caps MEC

Rectangular cap

1PS/1QS/1RS is a series of 6.5 mm x 12.5 mm rectangular caps. 1PS cap is provided in 7 solid colours and 2 transparent colours. 1QS with a rectangular lens in the middle and 1RS with a round lens.

1A/1H/1M/1ZA caps MEC

Rocker-function pushbutton caps

1A/1H/1M/1ZA series offer many sizes in rectangular caps. 1A/1H are 10,1x12,5 mm, 1ZA 10,1x18,65mm and 1M 10,1x25,0mm. Illumination can be created with transparent 1A cap or solid 1H cap with a lens.

Unimec 16300 MEC

Rectangular pushbutton cap

Cap 16300 is a rectangular cap designed for pushbutton switch series Unimec.

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