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Single Switch Module MEC

Single Switch Module

The module is for a single illuminated or non-illuminated Multimec switch and can be used with all caps that can be mounted on a Multimec 5G switch.

Unimec 16270 MEC

Extender for unimec rectangular cap 16300

Unimec 16270 is used as an extender for the rectangular cap 16300.

Unimec 16310-15 MEC

Square bezel with optional round LEDs

Unimec 16310-16315 are four bezels for Unimec 16300 cap. Bezels differ with the number of round LEDs.

Unimec 16324-6 MEC

Square bezel with optional rectangular lenses

Unimec 16324-16326 are three bezels for Unimec 16300 with the difference in number of rectangular lenses.

Extender 2SS MEC

Extender for Multimec 5G switches

2SS is a extender for Multimec 5G in order to create variable heights.

vario support MEC

Vario support for Unimec switches

Vario support is for all types of Unimec switches with bezels 16310-16315 and 16324-16326.

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