Engineering & Production

Since its foundation in 1938, MEC has been making electromechanical components.
Today we are focusing on continuous innovation to maintain our position as leader in the segment of

high end PCB mount push button switches.  By always choosing the best possible solution, whether it

is a design principle, a material or a manufacturing process we maintain and improve our sustainable

high quality level. With this approach a wealth of know-how has been built up over the years for the

benefit of new product development and custom solutions.

Despite the trend of outsourcing it has been the policy of MEC to maintain a high degree of vertical

integration that enables us to react promptly on specific customer requests. Only processes that are

not considered core competences have been outsourced.


Research and Development

Equipped with the latest CAD solutions with 3D facilities and optical simulation software our experienced R&D engineers are designing, simulating and evaluating new products and machinery continuously.

The combination of a strong R&D facility and the vertical integration enable us to provide custom designs

from conception to completion. 

Logistics and Production Planning

The production planning software is today fully integrated into the financial and administrative system. The system provides the backbone that allows us to maintain precise deliveries and to offer excellent customer service.


Automation - Tooling - Moulding - Stamping - Graphics Marking - Custom Assembly

All switch modules are manufactured on fully automated production lines with complete in-line component tests.
All production statistics are analysed and stored in computers. 98% of all parts used in the MEC switches are produced in-house.


Part of automatic production line


Ongoing investments ensure that latest technology is available for the tooling department. However, at MEC we believe that the most important factors for maintaining a high tool standard are the outstanding skills and experience of our toolmakers.



Part of plastic moulding machine


The Plastic moulding department consists of numerous moulding machines.

Rigorous process control ensures the highest possible precision and reproducible quality that is essential for making precision components.





All metal parts are manufactured in our metal stamping department. When making contact elements,

a computer controlled test station provides a high level of repeatability and secures that any required corrections can be made instantly.


 Standard legends for multimec



Graphics marking is also made in-house to secure constant quality and durability of both standard and customized graphics for the many keycaps and bezels available.





 The assembly department offers all kinds of value-added services such as customized final assembly made by experienced and quality conscious personnel.


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