Profile & history

One of Europe's Leading Manufacturers


Located in Ballerup (a suburb of Copenhagen), Denmark, MEC has earned a reputation as one of

the leading European manufacturers of high quality switches with exports worldwide. 

Since its foundation in 1938, MEC has been making state-of-the-art electromechanical components. We have been a member of the APEM group since 1998.


Today we are focusing on continuous innovation to maintain our position as leader in the segment of high end PCB mount push button switches. By always choosing the best possible solution, whether it is a design principle, a material or a manufacturing process we maintain and improve our sustainable high quality level. With this approach a wealth of know-how has been built up over the years for the benefit of new product development and custom solutions.


In 1938: MEC was founded

In 1962-1963: Construction of the MEC factory in Ballerup, our current location

In 1975: Restructuring of MEC. New investors joined and helped forming "MEC 75"

In 1978: MEC started to export more, mainly to Europe, USA, Canada and Brazil

In 1980: Acquired by IB Andersen A/S

In 1998: Acquired by APEM group

MEC Switches A/S • Industriparken 23 • DK-2750 Ballerup • Denmark • Phone: +45 44 97 33 66 • E-mail: