MEC Switches 10R series | Video 2017-02-14


MEC manufactures a broad range of surface mount switches and caps. Check out the video for a closer look into MEC manufacturing capabilities.

Introducing Ultramec switch line 2016-09-01


MEC Switches is launching a new PCB switch series called Ultramec. First one out of the pipeline is Ultramec 6C, a switch with high specifications wrapped up in a small package.

The new switch has smaller dimensions than the previous range of Multimec switches and significantly lower height of 2.5mm. Due to J-bend terminals it is excellent for handheld devices or applications with limited space and height. With IP67 sealing and long lifetime of 3 million cycles Ultramec 6C can be relied upon in demanding environments and the soft actuator guarantees that there is no rattling noise when application gets shaken. The simple design with crisp feel and sound makes the switch a good option also for under overlay solutions.

In addition, a new 11.0mm round concave keycap specifically designed for Ultramec 6C is available. Due to the floating cap, matching the front panel and PCB is easy. Furthermore, the floating cap concept makes the low profile switch excellent for custom caps.

See the Ultramec 6C here.

See the cap 10G here.

Danish exhibition 2016-08-31


 Bennike & Wander A/S, our Danish distributor is participating in E-16.

They have all the latest MEC products, so go and check them out!

Multimec gets MIL spec approved 2016-02-24


Multimec 5 series has passed the requirements for the MIL-PRF-22885H standard. The standard requires the switch to withstand a gradual load of 25 pounds (115N) for 60 seconds.

In the test a force of min. 30 pounds was applied on a Multimec 5 series switch for about 1.5 min. A built in LED (as specified in the requirements of the standard; the green one on the picture) stayed on during the whole test showing no failures in the contact functionality.

Additional test was performed with double the force designated in the standard. The switch showed no failures in functionality.

See the Multimec 5 series.

See the Technical Specifications for Multimec 5 series.

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New Caps with Metal Look - Ø30mm and 22x22mm 2014-05-26

thumbnail MEC is launching two new cap series for Multimec® 5G series switches: 10R/10RF/10RM and 10Q/10QM.

10R/10RF/10RM is a 30mm round cap series:
  • 10R has a slightly curved top
  • 10RF has a flat top and sharper edges
  • 10RM has a metal plate with illuminated legend and 1mm rim

10Q/10QM is a 22mm square cap series:

  • 10Q has a flat top
  • 10QM has a metal plate with illuminated legend and 1mm rim

Both cap series have two optional parts: spacer and sealing. The need for a spacer is dependant on the front panel thickness and the design of the application. In case of harsher environments, the sealing provides an opportunity of having the front panel sealed to IP67.

Both series are designed to be flush with the front panel to give a neat and aesthetic look to the application. They have a low building height of 11mm and activation functions no matter where you push on the cap.

The two series also provide many design options for illumination: full, reverse printed and metal legend; however, in order to have an even illumination, LEDs on PCB are required, making it easy to customise your front panel design.

There are eight standard colours: 7 solid colours and frosted white for illumination. In addition, there are for metal plates as well as positive and negative pad print.

Both 10R/10RF/10RM and 10Q/10QM cap series are based on Multimec 5G switch.


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